Choosing the Right Mattress in Atlanta, GA

Are you searching for the right mattress? You have come to the right place. Good-Mattress Inc. offers a wide selection of styles and brands, both local and national manufacturers, to meet all your needs. We also offer discounts for mattresses in Atlanta, GA so that you can get the best mattress at a price that fits your budget.


Choosing the right mattress for you is not an easy task and one that should not to be taken for granted. To help you make the right choice when shopping locally, we have provided some tips in choosing the mattress perfect for you.


  1. Do your research. Before going shopping, you need to do your research to familiarize yourself with the common types of mattresses, the materials used and know what experts are saying about the better mattresses on the market. And, shop at trusted stores that specialize in mattresses. Also, once you have a list of options, you can go back to researching more about these and reading honest reviews online.
  2. Visit your doctor. If you have a health condition, especially one that involves your back, spine and sleeping patterns, you need to talk to your doctor or health specialist on what he recommends will be good for your medical condition. There is no single bed that is good for every back problem; each back problem may require a different solution.
  3. Do a test drive.When shopping for a mattress in Atlanta, GA, it is important to test it yourself. Narrow your options down to about three mattresses and lie on each for about 15 minutes. It might seem odd for some, but you should not let the salesperson hurry you up because buying a mattress is a huge purchase and you should be able to feel it yourself before closing the deal, after all, you’ll be the one laying on it for days to come.
  4. Firmer is not always better. You may have read about ‘orthopedic’ beds which are “extra firm,” but keep in mind that this is not based on any medical standard. Firmer or orthopedic beds are not always the best option. Supportive beds that are medium-firm to you but with proper cushioning is often better.
  5. Pillow tops are not for everyone. Big thick pillow mattresses are not for lightweight people because they are not heavy enough to compress the foam to reach the underlying support system. So it goes without saying that heavier people will have more comfort from the extra cushioning. So, consider your build and weight as factors.


There are a few other considerations when choosing a quality mattress such as the height, size and the price. Also, some mattresses need to be turned regularly to ensure an even wear and tear, so its weight may also be a consideration (but some quality mattresses no longer require regular turning). So, it is important to keep the aforementioned tips before making a purchase.


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