Choosing a Good Mattress for People with Scoliosis

Around 3% of the population has scoliosis which is a condition where a person has a curved spine. Fortunately, there are many steps that you can take in order to manage and relieve scoliosis, especially its symptoms like pain. One of the main activities that you can do to treat scoliosis is by changing your posture and exercise positions for night and day activities. Also, it is essential that you have the right mattress to sleep on comfortably. When it comes to choosing among the many mattresses in Atlanta, GA, here are a few suggestions to answer your needs.

Memory Foam Mattresses
The best way to find out what is comfortable for you is to test the different mattresses to make a comparison. Several people with scoliosis are recommended to use memory foam, these are mattresses in Atlanta, GA. This type of mattress is topped with a layer of temperature-sensitive, visco-elastic material. This can relieve pressure on painful joints; however, this can also be pricier than spring mattresses. Nonetheless, foam mattresses also cradle the body to relieve pressure on the spine.

A Balance of Comfort and Support
A mattress should not be too soft or too tough, but it should have a combination of comfort and support. According to Mattremedia, most of those who have scoliosis do not like mattresses that are too soft because it can be difficult for them to move.

Skip the Mattress Topper
If you have an old mattress, this is probably what is giving you pain, especially if you have scoliosis. Several people try to counteract the pain by adding a mattress topper for added comfort, but this cannot support the spine if it is in a neutral position. Yes, new mattresses can be expensive, but you would probably not be here if you were not concerned for your health.

Medium-Firm Mattresses
When looking for a suitable mattress, you can look for those that help back pains. While there might be little information on mattresses for those who have scoliosis, there is a ton of information about mattresses for people who suffer from sore backs. One of the top recommendations is to get a medium-firm mattress which evidently has the best outcomes. However, consider your body type. If you are on the heavier side, then you may benefit from a firmer mattress. If you are on the lighter side, you probably benefit more from a softer mattress. The same thing goes for those with scoliosis, if your spine is not straight, you can benefit more from softer upper layers on your mattress.

Now that you are aware of some of the mattresses that might be able to help your condition, you can go ahead and test them so that you can purchase the right one. We also highly advise you to seek advice from your physicians for a more informed decision. Here at Good Mattress, we offer a wide variety of mattresses in Atlanta, GA, and our knowledgeable staff can guide you when choosing the perfect one. With the different styles and brands, you will definitely come across something that can give you high levels of comfort.